Abi, Richmond

After my third child was born I knew I wanted to find a way to get back in shape but the normal route of joining a gym seemed too intimidating.
Finding Katy was the perfect solution! Not only is she a brilliant Personal Trainer but she also understands what it’s like to be a working Mum. Her routines always manage to motivate and push me further than I would go on my own and her lifestyle tips and dietary advice help me to make healthy changes whilst being realistic about family life.
Working out with Katy is like hanging out with a friend – a friend who has a real interest in your core strength!

Joy, Kingston

After retiring from a job which kept me physically active I was looking for someway to maintain my level of fitness. Not only has Katy helped me to do this but my overall fitness, flexibility and core have improved and continue to do so. Katy’s approach of a personalised program, challenge and encouragement has kept me motivated and successful.

Kobie, Clapham

Katy has been instrumental in my post baby exercise motivation. I really wanted a kick start to get back to my prior fitness levels and exercise regime after a year of maternity leave and Katy created a tailored programme for me based on my needs and capabilities. She always delivered a fun, energetic, targeted and focused session which I really looked forward to every week. Katy has a lot of health and fitness expertise and knowledge which showed in her exercises and programme choices each week – it was the highlight of my week (an hour where it was all about me and helping me get stronger and fitter).

Zoe, Redhill

Katy is a safe haven for un-judgemental, fun training with expert advice. It feels like we’ve had a cup of tea together but I’ve been sweating for an hour. She has helped keep me in shape through pregnancy and post-partum, tailoring my work outs to fit my limited time available whilst managing work, babies and toddlers (who have watched & counted reps!) and life.
Her supportive style encourages me to not look back and wallow in bad days when I’ve not had the self-discipline I would like but instead to focus on the future, a stronger, healthier version of myself.

Clio, Teddington

Katy has been great at getting me excited about exercise. She has really listened to my needs and worked with me to put together a programme that I can enjoy and stick with and I am definitely seeing results. We have great fun in our sessions and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Kate, Clapham

Katy is a fantastic personal trainer and is motivating, inspiring and great fun. She got me into the best shape of my life for my wedding and kept me fit and strong throughout my pregnancy. She keeps the workouts interesting and challenging and I would recommend her to everyone no matter what your fitness goals.

Katherine, Kingston

Katy is truly a brilliant trainer. In the year and a half I have been training with her, she has motivated me and built my confidence to push myself further than I have done (pretty much ever!) and I’ve been so impressed with the results.
She puts together individualised training programs, that change to match your development and she has gotten me to a place where I am so much more confident in my abilities. Katy sets challenging, but realistic goals and is so personable and fun to train with, I always have a smile on my face at the end of each session 🙂

Elena, London

I started personal training with the intention of losing weight and getting fitter. Before working with Katy, I’d always found the idea of exercise and going to the gym really intimidating and my attempted to go it alone and yo-yo dieting were never sustained for very long. Since working with Katy Simpson, I have learned and am still learning that exercise and gyms really aren’t that scary and am at the point where I actually enjoy it. Katy has been the perfect combination of pushing me hard enough to get results and yet gentle enough to build up my confidence. The fitness program she has written for me has been tailored to to my level of ability and has stretched my fitness. MY fitness is getting better and the weight is coming down. I’m very appreciative for all her support and I’d highly recommend her to anyone.