Perimenopause and Menopause

The transition into perimenopause and then on into post-menopause, can be a turbulent and emotional time. Although the most natural process in the world, the changes to your physical and emotional state can be overwhelming and tricky to manage.

A specialist in exercising during Perimenopause, Katy can bring her expert knowledge to help you train safely and effectively whilst your body is going though the change.

Using the appropriate equipment and training techniques Katy can help you lose any belly fat gained, maintain your lean muscle tissue and increase bone density as well as help improve your mental health along the way.

With her specialist training in nutrition during perimenopause, Katy can advise you on what, when and how to eat to maintain body composition and lose any weight gained due to hormonal changes. This can help with everything from disturbed sleep, to hot flushed and mood swings.

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Here’s what some of Katy’s clients have to say about their sessions with Katy:

Tamsin, Ham

Katy came to my house to provide weekly PT sessions (shared with a friend) for over a year. She is reliable and very approachable, mixing up the exercises to make it interesting and fun. There was plenty of weights/resistance work which I now realise a menopausal woman needs! Big thanks, Katy, for getting me into a regular work out habit and making it fun along the way.