Many congratulations on your brand new little one! Your new baby is such a beautiful and precious thing, although many women do not feel that way about their postnatal bodies.

Whilst all your stretched, wobbly, lumpy and leaky bits should be seen as badges of honour and something to be proud of – you have grown a whole person after all – many women would still like smaller and better toned badges! Right?

Exercise is a fantastic way to get back in shape and start to feel better about what you see in the mirror. Your body will still be weak and vulnerable after pregnancy and birth. Pre and postnatal exercise specialist, Katy Simpson, can work with you, delivering bespoke programs, individually tailored to your fitness levels to take you through your postnatal recovery and help you through achieve your postnatal goal. The right postnatal exercise is completely safe and lots of fun.

Katy takes women once they have had their 6-8 week postnatal check and have been signed off by their GP (it takes a bit longer for women who have had C-sections).

Contact Katy directly here to book in your free initial consultation. Pricing here.