Many congratulations on your brand new little one! Your new baby is such a beautiful and precious thing, although many women do not feel that way about their postnatal bodies.

Exercise with personal trainer Katy in the comfort of your own home either with the baby in with you or asleep in their crib.

Whilst all your stretched, wobbly, lumpy and leaky bits should be seen as badges of honour and something to be proud of – you have grown a whole person after all – many women would still like smaller and better toned badges! Right?

Exercise is a fantastic way to get back in shape and start to feel better about what you see in the mirror. Your body will still be weak and vulnerable after pregnancy and birth. Pre and postnatal exercise specialist, Katy, can work with you, delivering bespoke programs, individually tailored to your fitness levels to take you through your postnatal recovery and help you through achieve your postnatal goal. The right postnatal exercise is completely safe and lots of fun.

Katy takes women once they have had their 6-8 week postnatal check and have been signed off by their GP (it takes a bit longer for women who have had C-sections).

Contact Katy directly here to book in your free initial consultation. Pricing here.

Here’s what other women have said about their post natal sessions with Katy:

Megan, Kingston

Thank you to you, for helping me get back into exercise after pregnancy and birth. I am such a quitter when it comes to fitness, I lack self-belief and give up at the earliest convenience. You were the first trainer to help me start to overcome those voices in my head and help me prove to myself that I can do it, and gave me some consistency which I am proud to say I have kept up. I massively appreciated the understanding of impact to the pelvic floor and how after birth it is likely one to watch/be careful with. You were brilliant with the babies that weren’t settled and allowed us to get a workout in. And most of all I really enjoyed our chats and how personable you are.

Ellie, Surbiton

Katy offers an essential service for new mothers. She helped me to regain my strength, muscle tone and fitness after the birth of my daughter. Coming to my house made it an easy way to exercise when it takes so long to get out the door and having the baby in the room with you is also no problem. Overall, I would recommend Katy’s PT services for local new mothers wanting to feel like their old selves once again.

Garman, Thames Ditton

I really struggled with getting back into an exercise routine post baby.  Not being able to achieve what I used to be capable of physically was difficult and left me struggling to know where to start and how to push myself.  A friend recommended Katy who she used during her pregnancy and we decided to go to her post natal group sessions.  Katy is energetic and the classes were fun and really helped me kick start gently back into exercise safely, whilst fun and baby friendly (thank you for cuddling R so I could focus on the exercises).  I quickly noticed my fitness improving and my body getting stronger. I have now moved onto private PT sessions with my friend. The classes are thought out and planned and Katy is very open to exercises which I enjoy.  This makes the sessions so much more enjoyable and tailored. Katy took my weight, metabolic rate and measurements during the personal training sessions so I can focus on these areas hopefully see an improvement on these as the sessions continue.

Jane, Kingston

After having my third child I took up running as I found it to be the only exercise I could fit in around a busy family. However, after a while I realised that my tummy wasn’t coping at all. I was doing all this running and, not only was my tummy not going flat, it was getting bigger. Katy confirmed my suspicions of diastasis recti and straight away got to work.
I was initially wary of having a Personal Trainer as I’m not really an exercise type, but Katy was great. She wasn’t at all judgemental and totally understood the pressures of family life, coming to my house in the evenings. Each month she gave me exercises that were specifically adapted to me and explained them so well that it was easy to continue them through the month. She was also available to answer all my questions and doubts.
My gap has now closed and I am back running, so I would definitely say my sessions with Katy were a great success. Some of the exercises she gave me were so obviously beneficial for “Mummy tummy’s” that I will definitely keep using them going forward.
I am really glad that I found Katy, she helped me at a time when I simply didn’t know what to do. She is fab and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Louisa, Kingston

I have been having sessions with Katy for over a year and I actually really enjoy them despite being an ‘exercise avoider!’ I was recommended her after I had my second child and was experiencing lots of aches and pains not to mention needing to ‘tone up’. I love Katy coming to my house because it makes me do it and she is such a lovely person to have around. I know she works me hard because I ache the next day and I have had comments about how much good it is doing. I definitely notice when I have breaks from seeing Katy and am always eager to get back to it. Katy has been great at getting rid of my aches and pains and getting me on track after my babies! I would definitely recommend her to all women. Thank you Katy!