Sarah, Kingston

“I started seeing Katy because I wanted to increase my physical fitness but my various health problems mean that I struggle to exercise without causing myself more pain. Katy was brilliant at adapting exercises to suit me and has been very patient with me as we work out together what I can and can’t do.”

Lis, Kingston

I invited Katy to work with me as I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness. She is so adaptable and encouraging, enabling me to follow a customized programme and always encouraging me even when my weight has gone in the wrong direction or I am finding the exercises too hard. She is great at adjusting the workout to suit my particular needs, is always careful over safety and health at and is great fun to be around. Thank you Katy!

Alex, Kingston

I found Katy’s details online after searching for a prenatal exercise specialist to help me exercise safely during pregnancy. It was a happy coincide that I had actually trained with her before but never knew her full name.

With my first born I had borderline high blood pressure and quite a big ab separation. With my second I was determined to do as much as I could to reduce both of these things…

Katy and I met weekly all through my pregnancy and I went on to have a home birth with zero complications. I also had minimal ab separation.

I’ve continued seeing Katy weekly in my post natal journey to focus on shifting that baby weight but mainly to rebuild my strength and fitness levels. I find it very easy to prioritise everything but exercise when I’m busy but with my weekly sessions with Katy I know that I’m in the hands of an expert and I have one hour focused just on me and my fitness.

Thanks Katy!

Kerry, Kingston

I started sessions with Katy with a real fear of exercising in front of people and a lack of confidence in my own stamina and ability. Katy has designed exercises that suit me, built my confidence up, encouraged me, pushed me to go further, and helped me to actually enjoy exercise. I’d highly recommend sessions with her.

Alison, Petersham

My weight has yo-yo’d for the dozen years since I’ve had children and I have never successfully managed to integrate good exercise habits into my “work/home/all the other stuff” life. I get bursts of motivation, overdo it, get injured and then get stuck on the sofa again.

Katy has been a wonderful discovery in the past year, as she is helping me to build strength and stick to healthier eating. She designs fun, varied sessions and comes to my house – I really have no excuses not to enjoy it. I’m getting older, my metabolism is slowing and things just don’t change as fast as I’d like. As a specialist women’s PT, she understands the different phases of a woman’s life and keeps me motivated to keep going. I feel stronger and more toned. She cracks me up and doesn’t let me cheat. Most importantly, I enjoy it and can see exercise becoming a habit.

Marie, Maldon

I sought Katy’s help 18 months after giving birth to my second baby. My diastasis recti separation was still very noticeable which was massively affecting my confidence as well as causing me back pain.

I am so grateful to Katy for in my opinion, going above and beyond to help me. Katy is friendly, professional and extremely supportive. After each zoom session, Katy provided me with a list of exercises that she had worked through with me. On top of this, I was able to contact Katy in between sessions with any questions that I had. 

Thanks to Katy’s professional support and advice, my gap has now almost closed, my confidence has greatly improved and I rarely get any back pain. I would highly recommend Katy. 

Preeti, Nottingham

I had my first session with Katy 7 years after my second baby as I was still looking pregnant even with continued exercise. I finally gave in and contacted Katy but due to COVID restrictions we had to do all the sessions online but it was never a problem as Katy was happy to talk and listen as well as provide all the exercises via email. After one month of exercises my stomach felt flatter than it had ever been and at the end of the 5 month I am now able to feel my abs contract. People have commented on my weight loss (although I haven’t lost any). I never realised that the way I was standing, sitting and even stretching could have been causing the problems. My only wish is that I did it earlier.

Merrill, Hampton Court

After my second baby I had tummy muscle separation again so I wanted to try and fix it properly rather than leaving it again. I found Katy online and was sceptical at first but I read the reviews and when I met her she told me herself that it would work and to have faith! So after 5 months of doing the exercises (not every day just a few times a week) I did indeed close the gap and realign the muscles.
Katy is so knowledgeable and great to work with. I really enjoyed my sessions even though they were interrupted by lock down we still did it online for a few months.
She understands how everything comes together so it is not all about doing tummy exercises but looking at things holistically.
I am very grateful that I found Katy to help we get back on track to normal!

Nina, Kingston

I have had PT sessions with Katy for the last 11 months, both at my home and on Zoom during lockdown. I don’t always want to exercise, despite loving the results, and Katy has kept me on track and encouraged me when I probably would have given up and found excuses to not be able to fit the sessions in! I highly recommend Katy. I would never have got this far without her!

Claire, Thames Ditton

I had sessions with Katy for a year after having my second child, and she was so encouraging and helpful. I’m not a great exerciser, but her exercises were well-explained and varied, and fitted around my busy life and kids! She really listened to me and put together a bespoke programme, which I can now follow on my own.