Wellness and nutrition

Your body is a machine and like any machine it needs to be fuelled correctly. Katy, a qualified nutritional advisor, passionately believes that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and it is vital to eat a healthy, balanced diet that contains a wide variety of foods.

However, there are so many pitfalls and this is where Katy’s invaluable knowledge and experience come in. If she had a £1 for every overweight client to said “but my diet is so healthy” she would be a very rich woman. A healthy diet and a low calorie diet are not quite the same thing and it is possible to be overweight whilst eating a very healthy diet. Salmon, Mackerel, Avocado for example are very healthy but all very high in both fat and calories, fruit juices and smoothies are healthy, but again, very high in calories. Together you and Katy can work to achieve the right balance between calorie intake and still eat a natural, healthy diet

Katy therefore offers a nutritional consultation in which she will give you:

  • A body fat (both subcutaneous and visceral fat) analysis, resting metabolism and BMI reading
  • Food diary analysis
  • Sleep diary analysis
  • An individualised written report of your eating and sleep habits with bespoke recommendations specifically for you based on your food diary
  • Ongoing weight loss support and advice for the length of your training relationship