Do you want more energy? To be less hot and breathless after climbing the stairs? To feel more confident in your own skin?  Reduce the symptoms of a pre-existent medical condition?

Many women are not the weight that they want or need to be and there are loads of reasons for women being over or under weight. Pregnancy is an obvious one, but certain medications, medical conditions, recent ill-health, food addiction, a hectic work life can all lead to being a weight that is less than ideal.

Katy is not unfamiliar with weight loss herself so she knows what it is like for you. She gained 2 stone during her first pregnancy and a whopping 3 stones second time around (“it was that mince pie and hot chocolate I ‘treated’ myself to every morning whilst my eldest was at school that did it! Oops!” says Katy), but working in partnership you can put strategies in place and in tandem with an individualised exercise program, she can help you to reach your weight goal.