Tamsin, Ham

“I have been sharing a  PT session with a friend for almost a year now.

I was feeling absolutely exhausted and out of shape post Covid and perimenopause. I was hoping that Katy’s sessions would make me exercise properly on a weekly basis and also kick start me to be more active in general. This has definitely been the case!

I had only planned to have sessions for a few weeks but have found them so helpful that am still doing them. Katy is very down to earth and non-intimidating. She finds the right balance between making sessions fun yet still pushing us a little to get results. She uses all sorts of equipment and activities which stops exercise feeling like a chore.

I feel more confident generally about my strength and fitness- I’m not a naturally sporty person but still enjoy the variety that these sessions offer. In particular I have loved the incorporation of weights-something I needed to start doing but had no idea how to go about it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Katy’s PT sessions and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She has been great at encouraging a slightly recalcitrant perimenopausal client- not an easy task!”