Alex H, Kingston

I found Katy’s details online after searching for a prenatal exercise specialist to help me exercise safely during pregnancy. It was a happy coincide that I had actually trained with her before but never knew her full name. 

With my first born I had borderline high blood pressure and quite a big ab separation. With my second I was determined to do as much as I could to reduce both of these things…

Katy and I met weekly all through my pregnancy and I went on to have a home birth with zero complications. I also had minimal ab separation. 

I’ve continued seeing Katy weekly in my post natal journey to focus on shifting that baby weight but mainly to rebuild my strength and fitness levels. I find it very easy to prioritise everything but exercise when I’m busy but with my weekly sessions with Katy I know that I’m in the hands of an expert and I have one hour focused just on me and my fitness. 

Thanks Katy!