Jane, Kingston

After having my third child I took up running as I found it to be the only exercise I could fit in around a busy family. However, after a while I realised that my tummy wasn’t coping at all. I was doing all this running and, not only was my tummy not going flat, it was getting bigger.  Katy confirmed my suspicions of diastasis recti and straight away got to work.

I was initially wary of having a Personal Trainer as I’m not really an exercise type, but Katy was great. She wasn’t at all judgemental and totally understood the pressures of family life, coming to my house in the evenings. Each month she gave me exercises that were specifically adapted to me and explained them so well that it was easy to continue them through the month. She was also available to answer all my questions and doubts.

My gap has now closed and I am back running, so I would definitely say my sessions with Katy were a great success. Some of the exercises she gave me were so obviously beneficial for “Mummy tummy’s” that I will definitely keep using them going forward.

I am really glad that I found Katy, she helped me at a time when I simply didn’t know what to do. She is fab and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.