Fabiola, London

I had just had my second son (4 months old at the time) and a friend who teaches pilates offered to check my stomach and found that I had a large separation between my abs. I could fit all four fingers between my abs (and spread them!). I found Katy on an online search for Abdominal Diastasis rehabilitation and we got to work the following week. Katy provided clear and simple exercises for me to carry on with throughout the month. Any doubts I may have had on their effectiveness were quickly erased when I saw real progress after just the first month. Still I had fears it would take a year to fully recover or, worse yet, surgery. But with Katy, we were able to close my large gap in just 5 months. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. And whilst the above speaks to her skill, she also exhibited great professionalism and thoroughness. She would check in on my progress and was always available if I had any questions. She always showed up on time for our meetings and always stayed positive throughout the journey. I cannot offer a higher recommendation than that I give for Katy. She is a star and I couldn’t have closed my gap without her.